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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words by Hannah Ryan


Any Other on Life, Touring & More

Any Other, headed up by Adele Nigro, took a break from her EU tour to talk candidly to ICYMI about the latest record ‘Two,Geography’ and the importance on the self help message behind it.

Adele and her band are currently in the UK after a stint of shows in Germany, before heading back to Milan where they are based. “I am so excited! I was really, really looking forward to start this tour. It’s like fresh air to me,” she enthused.

ICYMI asked Adele what she enjoyed the most about the UK and its crowd:

“The fact that everyone gets the lyrics! I’m not a native English speaker, and even when I perform in my home country people don’t always get what I’m saying. Also, I just played twice in the UK before, so I’m really curious about how people will react to these songs”.

ICYMI couldn’t help but pry more in response to the word ‘react’, what about the new tracks would be so reactive, and how did she want the crowd to respond? Adele speaks honestly and explained that the latest tracks are about her personal experiences in coming out of an abusive relationship, the process it took and the strength that was required.

“Since the whole record is about me being in an abusive and a definitely not healthy relationship, I hope people will know that it is possible to heal, to go on and to start loving themselves again, even if they thought that couldn’t be possible. It happened to me, and I think this dynamic is very common. But it is possible to blossom again.”

With the current #metoo movement, this message is so important and very current, the music industry isn’t necessarily a safe place - for both male and female - ICYMI admire the honesty in her words.

Adele continued:

“But to me, it’s really important to remind each other that it doesn’t have to be that way every time. Abusive relationships make you think that you’re not worthy of love and respect, but in fact you are. We all are. And it’s important to acknowledge it, to be able to recognise abusive behaviours and to love ourselves enough to say: I’m out, I don’t need this, I will be the one to love myself.”

The sound in which accompanies the lyrics, Adele described as ‘comforting’: “I think what I do can’t be described with just one music genre. I write songs, so I feel like I would mention pop music in some way, but the arrangements and orchestration have something in common with jazz music and improvising. Everything is pretty smooth and warm.”

Although, this record, is personal to Adele, the entire band have their own personal input, too, and that process is extremely important - especially when they’re also performers and authors in their own right.

“Even if the writing and arranging process is something personal, I feel like when you let other people in, you start a conversation with them anyway. I feel like even if Any Other is a solo project, the door to it is open. I like the idea of people coming in and out according to everybody’s needs.”

Adele is no stranger to being part of a band and sharing a creative process, previously being part of an acoustic duo with her best friend, it's where she first started playing acoustic guitar.

Now, although Any Other started as a solo project, she now tours with her band, Adele speaks about how her sound has evolved since she first started writing.

“My first record had a more lo-fi, 90s indie rock sound and approach. I used to write the songs, then practiced them with my band… It was more like an actual band than it is now. With my latest record, I had more of a ‘composition’ approach, after writing the songs, I started working on the arrangements and production all by myself, then I asked other musicians to perform that stuff on the record. I would say this record sounds less rough than the first one.”

So what is next in the pipeline for Any Other? Adele tells us that there is a lot of touring scheduled and the band will be playing Eurosonic in January.

Additionally, there is something super exciting happening early next year but she refused to tell us, we can’t wait to find out what that is!

Any Other plays Night People in Manchester on 26th Oct with bdrmm & Darcie, grab your tickets HERE.

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