ICYMI INTERVIEW // Introducing Dead Naked Hippies

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words by Hannah Ryan


Delve Deep Inside The Minds Behind Dead Naked Hippies

“We’re three friends who have a lot of feelings. We make a lot of noise, like to dance and don’t plan on getting a bass player to complete the band,” explained the Leeds based trio.

Dead Naked Hippies formed in 2016 and have thrashed into the music scene with their unapologetic and passionate sound, these guys want to talk about the topics that matter, particularly mental health and the importance of frank, honest conversations.

“Our band is a place for us to be honest and open about what’s going on for us. We’ve all had our own experiences with mental health struggles, we’ve been there for and supported each other and wanted to extend that further,” explained Dead Naked Hippies. “It’s alarming how many people struggle with mental health and how common those struggles can be, but, for all those that do speak out, there are going to be so many that don’t too. If what we’re saying in our music helps someone or even gets through to one person then it’s a job well done for us. We just want to keep it real.”

Dead Naked Hippies recently released their new track ‘ RARE’ on the 29 August, continuing their aim to empower their listeners, the track means a lot to the band.

When asked how the reception has been: “ Really great, it means a lot when we get messages on our socials and when people come up at shows and tell us what our songs mean to them. Writing is a very solitary and cathartic process for us, but when the songs are finally out there for other people to live and breathe, it’s amazing - we love that.”

Since forming the band, bolstered by let-loose front woman Lucy Jowett, the band have always been less concerned about the boxes that should be ‘ticked’ when making music and letting their creative juices flow.

“Creatively we just do what we want, we’re less and less concerned with the boxes that people naturally want to put you in as a new band. We don’t throw ideas away if they don’t fit with what we’ve done before either, they just become us. Also, when writing, the first idea is often the best, forcing or putting pressure on what we want to achieve never works.”

It’s no rest for the wicked as Dead Naked Hippies have another single coming out by the end of the year, this track is part of the Leeds based singles club ‘Come Play With Me’. Additionally, the band aim to have more tracks completed as they head back to the studio early 2019 to produce new material.

“We’ll be in the studio early next year to record some more songs, we’d like to do a physical release next year. We definitely want to make an album but want to make sure that we have the resources we need, can take our time and make the best representation of us. So, maybe not just yet.”

When asked what the dream is for Dead Naked Hippies:

“To be able to keep doing what we’re doing, working hard and watching our baby grow. Our band has become massively about connecting with people, so to be able to play more shows, connect with more people and make a positive difference to their lives would be amazing. We’d all love to be able to travel and experience new places beyond the UK too. Also, can we quit our day jobs yet please?”

You can see the band on the following dates:


21st Head Of Steam, Newcastle

22nd Reb'Elle Festival, Leeds w/ Honeyblood

23rd Sound Food + Drink, Liverpool

26th The Hovel, York

27th The Macbeth of Hoxton, London w/ Vulgarians

28th The West End Centre, Aldershot

29th 234 Fest, Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Drahla + more


3rd Pirate Studios Session, London

13th Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough w/ Boy Azooga, Estrons, The Blinders

20th HERfest Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/ Stealing Sheep + The Tuts


3rd 2Q Festival, Lincoln w/ Public Service Broadcasting, The Orielles, Honeyblood, The Blinders

3rd HERfest Sheffield, The Leadmill, Sheffield w/ She Drew The Gun

ICYMI will be hosting the Dead Naked Hippies, Gen & The Degenerates + Caveparty gig at Sound in Liverpool. Don't forget to RSVP HERE. See you there!

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