ICYMI INTERVIEW // Introducing Brad Stank

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Words by Ali Lowery


As a unique voice in the Liverpool music scene Brad Stank share his thoughts on his music, inspiration and music recommendations. A genuine and witty character, Brad has just released his new single, 'Watering the Garden' which you should definitely give a listen.

You have a truly unique vibe and style to others in the Liverpool music community.

How would you describe your music to somebody that’s never heard it?

Nice one! Something like calming, existential, sexy pop music

Being so involved in the Liverpool music scene, what is the most unique or interesting thing about it?

I would say it's quite sympathetic. Everybody's got time for what somebody else is up to. Because Liverpool is relatively small, a lot of different sounding bands occupy the same spaces and venues, for example I saw Yammerer and Pizzagirl on the same stage on the same day at the Bido 100 thing, and that kind of diversity is really awesome if you ask me.

Since releasing Eternal Slowdown last year, what has been the best thing about its release?

It's really nice to have the LP, something physical. Fills my mum with pride.

Has there been a favourite city or venue you’ve played in – and why?

All of the shows that we've played have been quite special! Supporting Clairo at Gorilla was insane, and supporting Gus (Dapperton) in Bristol was really cool too, plus the couple of London shows I've done have been really special.

Do you have any artists or songs you grew up with that continue to influence your musical style?

I still listen to the Pixies a lot! And people like Bowie, the Beatles, Hendrix still influence me. I don't listen to as much of the pop punk or death metal anymore, though!

Pretty cool to see big celebrities supporting less mainstream musicians on national TV - How did you feel when you saw that Will Smith featured O.T.D? Has anything else come from that?

Will's asked me to come play his birthday do in September, and I've been talking to Jaden about a doing a feature on my new album. Only joking.

You’ve got a few exciting festival slots coming up at Field Day and at Bastille Sounds Festival in Paris, performing alongside the likes of Sports Team and The Japanese House – what are you looking forward to about performing in festival season?

Bastille is gonna be great! I've never really been to Paris properly and I think I might be a bit of a francophile, so that will be nice. Field Day was really fun too, we got kitted out with some new Dr Martens and got to see my number 1 hero of all time, Earl Sweatshirt, live <3

Have you got any plans to go to any other festivals just for yourself where you aren’t performing?

No but I really wished I'd have been at Glastonbury, I've never been before but I'm deffo there next year. I used to frequent Leeds and Y Not festival in my teens but I haven't been for the past couple of years.

Is there one or two particular songs you’ve created that mean the most to you or that you are most proud of?

OTD is still probably something I'm most proud of, just because I feel like I got a lot of how I was feeling at the time into very few words. It's probably a bit obscure to everybody else but it means a lot to me still. Aside from that, Take Me to the Crib is probably my favourite to play live

Your songs are very sexy and dreamlike - where do you draw your inspiration from, day to day life/dreams/friends etc?

Yes to all of those three! I take a lot of inspiration from reading-- I was heavy into Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg etc. who I took a lot of pretty direct inspiration from, reading old classics and a lot of buddhist stuff, which all seeps into the music.

Is there any new or songs or tours happening in the not so distant future we can look forward to?

Yes! I have just announced a nice US tour happening in October, and a little run of dates in the UK a bit later on, so we'll be very busy and it's all exciting!

To wrap this up nicely, what artists/albums or songs are in your current heavy rotation that you recommend we have a listen too?

I still am listening to Earl's album Some Rap Songs pretty much every day. The new Whitney song made me cry, and the new Jai Paul stuff is beautiful too! In Liverpool check out Pizzagirl, my long time lover Trudy and the Romance, Terry Venomous, Hannah's Little Sister, Sara Wolff, and Oya Paya.

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