ICYMI INTERVIEW // Introducing Heir

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Heir are a DIY-pop band from Leeds. Their organic songwriting, infectious rhythmical hooks and powerful vocal harmonies have propelled the five-piece to striking independent success. ICYMI caught up with the lads before they embark on their UK tour.

Hey guys, so your ‘After Forever’ tour is approaching fast, tell us what you're excited about when hitting the road? T: Hey, It sure is coming up fast! As silly as it sounds, really looking forward to the drives between cities with the five of us. I think that the anticipation of meeting new and familiar faces at a gig and the buzz from the night before seems to be a perfect concoction for total nonsense - great fun! Which cities are you most looking forward to stopping off in on the European tour? T: That’s a really tough one - hard to pick! From a nostalgic point of view, it will be beautiful to be back in Utrecht. We always feel amazingly welcome, we stay in a lovely hostel, ran by incredibly warm people and have known the promoter at Stathe for a couple of years now - it’ll be great to be back. Each time we have visited Europe the crowds have been so up for a party so no pressure Utrecht but we’re expecting good things haha! Tell us a bit about what DIY-pop is and the inception of Heir? What influences your sound? S: We all met at university in Leeds. Tom had some fully finished tunes that we started playing together. It was very quickly very good fun and we knew it felt like a band thing. Tom, Ste and I all had slightly different songwriting backgrounds so it was great to get in the room with each other and start making something fresh. I feel the real moment of inception came when we realised we were all listening to and loving HAIM’s, ‘Days Are Gone’ album. It was our shared enjoyment for their take on pop songwriting with the rhythmic definition, vocal harmonies and strong melody that helped us find a vision for the music that we wanted to make. DIY-pop is the result of that vision I suppose. A combination of the desire to write and tell thoughtful stories and simultaneously have the time of your life. Describe your sound in three words? S: Real. Good. Fun. Your single ‘Better in Silence,’ was released in January, what’s the reception been like? (sweet song btw) T: Thanks, glad you like it! We put the tune out as a bit of a soft release, not really knowing what the reaction would be to be honest. The response from listeners seems to have been really positive although there is a chance that the other boys have put a filter on my devices to keep out the hate (sensitive one y’see). Are we right in thinking your new single ‘After Forever,’ is dropping soon? if so, what can we expect to hear? T: We’ll be releasing ‘After Forever’ as a single just before the tour. Expect a catchy, fun, toe tapper! How does ‘After Forever’ differ from your earlier material? T: I suppose ‘After Forever’ is slightly different to the other tunes in it’s lyrical content. I always like describing it as the ‘Rom-Com that never happened’. I guess it’s about finding happiness in the unknown - it’s real positive!

What’s the process that goes into the tracks, as a band, is it equal input? S: We always like to take ourselves away to write the songs. Tom, Ste and I have made a habit of travelling to our respective grandparents’ houses in the countryside. So if you mean is it equal input between the band members and our grandparents then no, it isn’t, they do much more work than us . . . No I think that’s the beauty of this band, the music exists as a result of the creative input of all five of us. Once the songs, in basic melody/lyrics/chords form are written we’ll then all get in a room together and play with parts, structures and sounds until it breathes as an Heir song. This creation as a collective is what gives us that heightened feeling of meaning and enjoyment! Tell us a bit about your art collective night, Blueprint? What’s the idea behind that? S: An excellent segue (never seen that word written down before. Weird isn’t it.) Blueprint is our collaborative arts night that we run here in Leeds at a lovely venue called Hyde Park Book Club. We’ve spent a few years in the city and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many excellent creatives. We wanted to host an evening that celebrates the belief in creativity as being the spearhead for carving your path in the world! High quality art and music exists not only at the top but at all levels, in infinite forms. Blueprint aims to highlight and represent that fact. What else can we expect from Heir this year? T: I don’t know about the rest of the lads but Soccer Aid is my target for us. S: I too would love to be involved in Soccer Aid. Get Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen in on it and I’m there. Failing that we will be releasing lots more music and playing lots more gigs. Quick-fire questions: British icon that has inspired you? S: Andy Murray. Get in, lad. Best track to get ready to go out? T: Which Way To Paradise - Poolside Best love song? T: I’d say ‘One Love’ - Blue, but the band would kill me. ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ - Bonnie Raitt. It’s a bit of a cliche but there is a reason for it. Studio or touring? T: Touring. Dream Glastonbury headliners? S: We’d probably be foolish not to consider Heir as our dream Glastonbury headliners, wouldn’t we? Otherwise Parcels and Fleetwood Mac can battle it out over a game of wizards’ chess to take the top spot. One record you would keep forever? S: After the above spiel it has be Days Are Gone - HAIM. Is there anything else you'd like to add, perhaps your tour dates? S: Just a large thank you. It has been a pleasure to chat! We will leave you with a game of ‘Randomly Generated Dates From A Hat’ where we generate a collection of dates from this year’s calendar. This edition has provided us with the unprecedented occurrence of all 12 being from the very same month! Your job is simply to highlight those dates in your diary. For bonus points you may choose to look up whether there are any unmissable gigs happening on any of the selected days. As a starting point, I have listed some cities that may be of interest. 10th April - Leeds (Sold Out) 15th April - Newcastle 16th April - Hull 17th April - Manchester 18th April - London 20th April - Breda 21st April - Appeldoorn 22nd April - Cologne 24th April - Utrecht 25th April - The Hague 27th April - Roosendaal 28th April - Amsterdam

Tickets for Heir's upcoming tour available >>HERE<<

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