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Gold Beach is an indie rock band from London, that is set to take the stage this Friday in the Jacaranda supporting The Velvet Hands. The band consists of 4 lovely lads. Sean, lead singer and guitarist, Harvey, lead guitar, Marco, on bass and Michael, the drummer and singer. After their whirlwind summer of playing to thousands at YNOT festival, they’ve gained quite the following and are set to play a handful of sold-out gigs around the UK!

I was lucky enough to see them in their hometown, in the iconic area of Camden. Camden is known for its famous market, picturesque canal and bustling music scene. So getting to see them there was very special!

They packed the whole venue out and had everyone dancing. The energy radiated from them and they had the audience in the palm of their hands. Their presence on stage was astounding, for a group of 20-year-old lads they really knew how to put on a show and work the audience!

They gave 1000% the entire way through their set and were as equally charming on stage as they were off. The highlight of the set for me personally was their song See The Light. Not only is it my favourite song of theirs, the middle 8 section really got the crowd going!

The atmosphere in the room just kept building and building, the best way I could describe it would be like a bottle of champagne ready for the cork to pop off. Which it definitely popped off during their last song Paris. They had a switch around of instruments, Sean hopped on the bass, whilst Marco got on the drums, Michael was now singing and playing the guitar and Harvey was ready to rip out another incredible solo!

This song was clearly an audience favourite with everyone singing along and bopping their heads, it’s a little different to their other songs as it’s not as heavy but it’s still very true to their sound and just a good time really.

If you are lucky enough to have grabbed a ticket to The Velvet Hands gig this Friday, you are in for a treat!

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