ICYMI LIVE REVIEW // Mahalia - Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

📸 Kanya Iwana

Words by Chloe Lewis


In my ongoing quest for empowering lady tunes, I recently stumbled across Mahalia, 21 year old Leicester-born R’n’B princess, hidden in the depths of Lizzo's Spotify radio, and immediately fell in love. Her laid-back ‘90s-sounding vibes and important messages of self-love had an instant appeal, so it was an absolute pleasure to witness her live and in person at Liverpool’s very own Invisible Wind Factory last week.

From the minute she bounced on stage, Mahalia had the mostly-female audience hooked on her every word, rattling through tune after tune from incredible new album Love and Compromise. Transitioning smoothly from the uber-chilled vibes of tracks such as Good Company to utter bangers like Simmer and back again, she showcased her versatility whilst simultaneously passing on a message of empowerment and knowing your worth to every person in the room. At one point conversation turned towards the upcoming general election, and nothing pleased the Liverpool crowd more than Mahalia’s endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party.

My personal highlight of the night was Mahalia’s encore, a performance of total tune I Wish I Missed My Ex that was dripping in pure coolness and self-love. The anti-f*ckboy anthem, every woman in the room came together to belt out the lyrics to, completely under Mahalia’s spell. It was one of the friendliest crowds I’d ever been in, and I came out of the gig having made a few friends out of love for this incredible lady.

If you’ve never heard Mahalia’s music before, I suggest you get your ears around it immediately by hitting play below. Combining uplifting lyrics with a throwback vibe, she is criminally underrated, and an absolute must for any music library filled with fierce female artists. She’s on tour all over the country until later this month, and should not be missed!

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