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Friday 29th November, my friends and I are making our way across Manchester to go see the one and only Sigrid! I’ve been listening to Sigrid for about 2 years now, so when she announced her tour I was so excited!

We get inside the venue 5 minutes after doors and the venue is already buzzing. The last time I was in this venue I came to see Dodie and it was an amazing show, I was ready for another amazing evening at the Manchester Academy!

The venue was filling up quickly. In Manchester the gigs are such amazing experiences, people really love going to gigs and listening to live music. It’s such a vibrant city of music and arts, the venues are always rammed so I wasn’t surprised at how quickly the audience was filing in!

Around 8pm the support act comes on, IDER. I hadn’t heard much from them before this gig. They had such an amazing presence on stage and really got the energy going from the get-go. They were super tight and well-rehearsed, the set was just perfect! When interacting with the audience they were witty and humble, after smashing through the first few songs and having a drum battle segment, they genuinely seemed surprised at the reaction from the audience which was heartwarming to see.

📸 Daniela K Monteiro

They had everyone completely engaged, it was their attitude on stage, how they interacted with each other, their style, talent, voices and their music was just perfect for the build-up for Sigrid.

In my opinion, I thought their singles ‘Wu Baby’ and ‘Mirror’ were stand out songs from their set. Their harmonies and feel of the songs translated so well with the audience, everyone was on the same wave as them! Their set was unfortunately only 30 minutes long, on behalf of the whole audience, WE WANTED MORE!!

Luckily! They’re coming back to Manchester in 2020, I would highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

At 9pm the Norwegian Queen and amazing band took to the stage! Opening with ‘Mine Right Now’ the audience was locked in singing along “HEY it’s alright if we don’t end up together, cause you’re mine right now”.

📸 Jonthan Ferreira

She strutted around the stage, her head held high. She didn’t need any crazy costumes or outfits. Sigrid walked around the stage in a plain white T-shirt, blue ripped jeans and converse, her statement look if you will. She radiates ‘cool chic’ energy and was glowing!

Her voice was impeccable and floated above everyone, the electricity between her and her band was lovely to see. Clearly showing how well they all get on and how much they were enjoying what they were doing!

I was looking forward to hearing ‘Sight of You’ live as it was one of my favourite’s off her album ‘Sucker Punch’ which came out earlier this year. When the band began playing the melody of ‘Sight of You’ the whole room erupted, everyone was bopping and grooving to the melody.

📸 Jonthan Ferreira

Sigrid spoke to the audience and said that the last time she was in this venue she was the support act, to which everyone applauded and cheered Sigrid and her band. Towards the end of the set, Sigrid brought the room to silence during her intimate piano ballads. She had Manchester completely in the palm of her hands, she sang with such raw emotion that really expressed the true meaning behind the song.

The band joined her back on stage for the last 2 songs, oddly there was no encore, but I guess this counted as one. She took the ceiling off with her hit singles ‘Strangers’ and ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’, the whole audience was jumping and the bass rattled the floor and the lights flickered in time with synth lines, it was a very mature and well-prepared show! Everyone on and off stage thoroughly loved every moment!

The whole production of the show was phenomenal and everyone left in an incredible feel-good mood, Sigrid warmed up and brightened the night for everyone on this frosty, dark evening!

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