ICYMI PREMIERE // Lani Renaldo - Wasteland

Words by Eve-Marie Connolly

Straightaway when listening to Lani Renaldo’s new single “wasteland” you are entered into an emotional and deeply sexual landscape, Renaldo herself saying that she wanted to capture the desire to have an out of body experience during sex.

Influenced from Majid Jordan, the Weeknd and her girlfriend, Drew Tabor, the multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles has created a track that you are almost sucked into and consumed by, so much so that when it ends it almost lingers and makes you want to play it again to stay in the mindset that you were in while it was playing.

It is so exciting for ICYMI to premiere “wasteland,”, and hopefully there is more to come from Lani Renaldo. Since performing with Alessia Cara and opening for Halsey in Los Angeles, Renaldo has opened up a new world for herself and it’s safe to say that we are all here for it.

Stream Renaldo’s new track “wasteland” ahead of it's official release on 16th August below.

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