ICYMI LIVE REVIEW // Circa Waves at Phase One, Liverpool

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Words by Ali Lowery

“Circa Waves brought their home town to their feet”

Hot after the drop of their third album ‘What’s It Like Over There?’ on Friday the 5th April, Circa Waves came to do a special home show and in-store record signing. The venue of Phase One on Seel Street is a well-known hub of live music and events in Liverpool. Welcoming many bands and artists to perform on their stage, Phase One is an interesting venue and I personally have never seen it like it was on Saturday night.

Arriving at the venue half an hour before Circa Waves’ set time, I made my way into a very busy and densely packed venue. Phase One is not the biggest of venues but is often a comfortable size for the shows they host, but tonight it was full. Weaving my way through the crowd and finding a spot, Circa Waves had definitely pulled in a crowd of all kinds. Its great to see such a variety of ages and styles in the crowd, all coming to support a Liverpool band.

There is something so special when big bands or artists come to their home town on a tour. The energy is more electric, more intense and more memorable. Meeting at Sound City 6 years ago, the four band members who make up Circa Waves are one of Liverpool’s successful exports, and the anticipation and turn out for this show was high. There was no support act, and everyone was waiting on their entrance with bated breath.

Walking onto the stage in classic indie chilled out swagger, the guys took up their instruments and went straight into ‘Wake Up’ from their second album ‘Different Creatures’. As if the crowd wasn’t riled up and excited enough at this point, this tune really kicked the show into gear. Rattling through a mixture of songs from their new album and songs from their previous two albums, we were kept on tenterhooks waiting for the surprise of the next belter to begin.

With the official drop of the whole album ‘What’s It Like Over There?’ happening just the day before the show, I was curious to see how the crowd would respond to the performances of their new songs. Choosing only to perform three in their fleeting 45-minute set, ‘Movies’, ‘Be Somebody Good’ and my personal favourite off the album ‘Times Won’t Change Me’, the crowd could not have responded better. The crowd are singing back every word to every song, including the new tracks back to the band and particularly front man Kieran Shudall.

The stage at Phase One is fairly compact not allowing for too much jumping around and excessive movement from the performers, but in this instance the crowd were able to make up the energy with numerous mosh pits forming for songs like ‘Fire That Burns’. Even a few crowd surfers took the chance to get in on the action and on an energised crowd.

Coming to the end of their set far too quickly for the crowds liking, Circa Waves finished with ‘T-Shirt Weather’, arguably one of their most well known and well-loved songs. Shudall handed the mic over to the crowd who knew every word and sang with as much heart as possible. With a quick transition from the stage to signing records the band impressed throughout. The set felt like a greatest hit’s selection, playing a mixture of their hit songs from all three albums, Circa Waves brought their home town to their feet.

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