ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // The Bohos - Stupid // Debut Single

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words By Tilly Louise


Who are The Bohos?

The Bohos are a 4-piece Alternative rock band formed in Liverpool. They have taken the local music scene by storm with their guitar-driven punk and have caused quite a stir surrounding their debut release ‘Stupid’.

This track is stupidly good.

Stupid starts off with quite ominous sounding guitars, which has you waiting in the splash zone for the heavy wave of pure sound that just immerses you into The Bohos realm. The bass and beat of the drums driving and crashing gives the song movement and livens the sound overall, the kind of beat you can bop your head to. Nice one Alex ;).

The rawness of Fin’s vocals stand out, he has a uniqueness to his tone as he sings with a thick Scouse accent. The lyrics in the song have a special feeling around them that relates to the bands style, if they were sung by a different band they wouldn’t have the same effect that they have within The Bohos track.

The guitars during the verses give the vocals, drums, and bass lots of space so that they can build tension into the explosive chorus’! During the chorus’ the guitars rip through and tear their own paths of melody, the guitar solo is something special, wow such amazing tone.

The Bohos show true integrity to pure northern rock, they are an incredible band on the record and put on an amazing live show. If you can get down to see these true heavy northerners belting their hearts out, you most definitely will not be disappointed.

Get a taster of The Bohos song Stupid below👇

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