ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Jemma Siles - Light Me Up

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words By Tilly Louise


Jemma Siles is an Austrailian singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Siles won Austrailian Songwriter of the Year (Contemporary Pop/Dance Category) for her debut single D.A.M.N. She recently released her new pop banger Light Me Up which is for sure going to be a floor filler.

The song’s electronic feel makes the whole piece feel so full and heavy for all the right reasons, giving the listener so much to enjoy. The groove has you hooked from the get go. The pre-chorus has a dystopian atmosphere to it, which goes along nicely with the rest of the song as the verse and chorus have very unique percussion sounds adding to this dystopian feel.

"dystopian atmosphere"

The tension building and rising in the pre-chorus before dropping into the tight chorus is so effective. Due to how clean and sharp it is, completely contrasting the rest of the song. The chorus melody follows the vocal line and really fits the feel, making it extremely danceable! The energy throughout the whole song conveys that people can dance to this sad bop, right down to how the words are sung.

Her voice is so dynamic and she demonstrates this throughout Light Me Up. She effortlessly switches from her powerful attitudey verses to an airy sweet tone during the pre-chorus before leading us into the strong melodic chorus. She has a very mature voice with true integrity and feeling to every lyric.

The last chorus is super cool. By adding in the extra choppiness to the melody and vocal throws the listener off, but is a nice little added extra of creativity. It makes it ever so slightly different to the other chorus’ and finishes the song off nicely.

Go and stream Light Me Up now!

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