ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Lil Halima - who do u love

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words by Tilly Louise


This new Lil Halima track is dripping with sun, Who Do U Love is a tasteful summer bop, that is high energy, beautiful and filled with so much character. Who Do U Love gives the feeling like you’re sat on the beach with all your friends listening to this song after a lovely day whilst you watch the sun going down. Although the lyrical content is sad, the song and melody make up the soundtrack to a beautiful day.

The chorus bursts into this sun drenched beachy paradise. A heavy wave of smooth synths splash around her soulful vocals. The airy texture to her voice contrasts the sharp and full tones of the synths, drums and guitar. The breaks in between beats in the first chorus add so much detail, power and groove to the beat. By taking away small beats of the bar of music makes the feel so much more different, coming up for air before diving right back into that dreamy chorus.

The chorus bursts into this sun drenched beachy paradise.

Lil Halima’s vocal is soft yet so powerful and controlled, her floaty backing vocals surround the extra space with care, placing and swimming around gentley, adding beautiful harmony. She shows how dynamic she is when the song breaks down into a gospelly sort of section. Showing off her vocals and her walls of harmony, before building into the massive last chorus which leaves a creative and imaginitve Lorde-y taste in your mouth.

And repeat.

In the future people will think back to this song and remember it as a summer classic.

Listen to Who Do U Love here 👇

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