ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // LP - House on Fire

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Words by Jess Fleming


LP (the stage name for artist Laura Pergolizzi) has been on the music scene since the early 2000s, slowly building a solid fanbase over the years. Much like that of Sia, LP she has previously been known for her talented song writing – penning songs such as Rihanna’s hit ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’ and Rita Ora’s ‘Shine Ya Light’. With the release of her 5th album ‘Heart to Mouth’ late last year, LP has been making more waves than ever, attracting more listeners than before.

One of the stand out tracks on this album is ‘House on Fire’. Found just over halfway through the track listing, this song is one that shows off LP’s soaring vocals and the exciting way that they bring her lyrics to life. No longer just a song writer, it is clear LP is a natural artist. With a pop like chord progression and Spanish guitars, the Bossa Nova feeling track could have easily been pulled for a Shakira album. Yet the way LP performs it quickly puts this idea to bed, as it quickly becomes clear nobody could sing it better than LP herself.

Telling the story of questioning whether a partner’s return home will result in fights or love, the song uses the symbolism of the a ‘house on fire’ to describe the empty arguments that the couple feels. Pairing this with the fiery intensity of the instruments within the track and the flawless vocals, this song is full of passion and conflicted feelings. Not only that, it's hard to hold back from listening to the track on repeat.

We urge you to check out House on Fire, your ears will thank us!

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