ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Augustine – Wishful Thinking

Words by Ali Lowery


Summer is upon us, whether the weather suggests it or not – so the hunt for a good summer song is on! Look no further than Augustine, the 22-year-old Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Securing two previous singles ‘Luzon’ in February and ‘A Scent of Lily in April’, his latest offering ‘Wishful Thinking’ surpasses them both in my eyes.

Combining his signature soulful falsetto and cinematic instrumentalisation - Augustine takes the listener on a journey of a melancholy love story. On a similar vibe to Mark Foster, James Blake and Ezra Koenig, Augustine’s retro yet dreamy indie-pop flecked with vibrancy and melancholy, reflects the feelings and approach of many 20-somethings.

While the song is strong in its technical approach, the truest testament is how the listener responds. For me, this song has you joining in on the chorus after the first time you hear it and smashing the replay button over and over again. This song would be just as at home being played in a bedroom, as it would on a film or TV soundtrack. Catchy enough to pull you in, but not too much that it would have a short life expectancy on your playlist. Wishful Thinking will stick with you.

Not quite mainstream pop but effortlessly cool, Augustine creates his own style of indie-pop. The song dips and peaks but not in any extreme or unsettled way. Rather it ebbs and flows, moving between chorus and verses in a pace that makes you feel like you know the song after the first listen and wanting to immediately hear it again. While it can be chill enough to play in the background, the lyrics shouldn’t be overlooked. The chorus “I was only wearing dreams, a wishful thinking, now I’m naked in your scheme, so I keep on drinking” – expressing fears of being a disappointment to people, vulnerability and illusions. ‘Wishful Thinking’ is a groovy approach to many anxiety-inducing worries we all face. Augustine is a multi-talented artist who will no doubt keep producing music that people connect to. If this bop is anything to go by, I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve!

Wishful Thinking EP out now, press play below:

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