ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // ball’s gonna keep on rolling - Pizzagirl

Words by Eve-Marie Connolly


After having the privilege of seeing Pizzagirl at Liverpool SoundCity this year, I am always excited to see what Liam Brown is up to next. Serving 80s tinged electronic pop, Liamdoes not disappoint with his new single ball’s gotta keep on rolling, the second single of Pizzagirl’s debut album first timer, which will be out on October 11th. Pizzagirl itself represents a one man project, Liam’s alter ego who with every song has a rebirth in style, highlighting different moods and emotions that will be reflected in his debut album, said to be a “technicolour album of split personality genre jumping.” In terms of the new single, balls gotta keep on rolling gets the blood pumping, and is a flamboyant piece of work, almost sounding like it could be the soundtrack to any prolific 80s film, maybe even The Breakfast Club! However, the song also has deeper meaning, alluding to the fact that you always have to keep going despite the grind getting you down. His songs can be autobiographic or absolute fiction, and the best thing about that is that his audience are always hooked on Pizzagirl as an onstage personality, who represents himself as slightly off kilter, something many of us can relate to.

To preorder the new album, click here: http://www.mypizzagirl.com/

Pizzagirl will next be performing in Liverpool on the 28th November at Phase One!

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