ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Blanks - Let’s Get Lost

Words by Chloe Lewis


Blanks is the Netherlands’ newest and funkiest export, originally starting his music career uploading covers to YouTube. Having recently ventured into writing his own songs, last month saw the release of his newest single Let’s Get Lost, a groovy little bop that is nothing short of audible sunshine.

Let’s Get Lost is described by the man himself as ‘a positive sound as an escape from reality’, and it’s downright impossible to be unhappy whilst listening to it. From its relentless beat and jangly guitar to the hint of Dutch accent in Blanks’ vocals, Let’s Get Lost is all about leaving your troubles behind and having a dance, something that’s difficult to hold back from upon first listen. Within an industry that is often pretentious and far too serious, Blanks’ music is a refreshing change, reminding its listeners of the reason they love music in the first place- for its elements of happiness and fun. He’s also living proof of the power of the internet, with over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and a huge following around the world.

Blanks is looking to be YouTube’s newest musical superstar- both Armin van Buuren and Ariana Grande are already fans of him- and if he continues to deliver us bops like Let’s Get Lost it’s easy to see why. Coupled with an adorable, colourful video featuring some cats, a TV, and some very 80’s-style wallpaper, everything about Let’s Get Lost simply screams ‘good vibes’.

In an often very dark and difficult world, perhaps the boppy musical stylings of a lanky Dutch YouTuber are exactly what the human race needs.

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