ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // frogi - time

Words By Tilly Louise


Frogi is a singer-songwriter-producer from Los Angeles. She creates her own music from start to finish, in a lofi style with unique vocal scapes and melodies that are soothing and easy to listen to.

Her new single Time begins with a pulsating synth and beautiful swelling harmonies. The track surrounds you with this warm feeling of ease, which in my opinion is typical of lofi tracks. Frogi's airy vocal sweeps in and begins to tell her story of missing her loved one. It instantly feels like it could be the soundtrack to a teen love story film or an independent movie.

The abstract feel during the first section of the chorus really throws the listener off. Frogi then brings everything back around with a big harmony filled second section, which felt like something Lorde might do. She strips the verses back once again to tell another sad segment of the story she’s telling along side the familiar pulse of the synth and floating harmonies to then build back up into the minimalistic chorus.

The song continues to build and build until she says ‘this will be the last try’, exploding into harmony and melody that stretches far and wide. Her rhythmic vocal lines during this last chorus make it stand out and change the feel completely.

This song feels like you are running through the streets at night towards a concert hall. You can hear music play from it, but it’s slightly muffled. Finally, bursting through the doors during the last chorus to expose and release all the melodies and harmonies that were building in there.

You can check out this song here

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