ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Virgin Miri - Favorite Flavour

Words by Chloe Lewis


Favorite Flavor is the first single from Swedish electro princess Virgin Miri’s debut EP, and it’s the perfect song for the summer months!

Having shot to fame as one half of ‘Sweden’s most dangerous band’ Cupid Kidz in 2006, Virgin Miri has decided to go solo, blending her almost angelic vocals with bouncy synths to create a track that is the perfect mixture of chilled and dancey, ideal for blasting from your car if you’re driving around in the sunshine.

Favorite Flavor’s floaty vocals and overall dreamy vibe appears to be a far cry from her previous work with Cupid Kidz, but it seems she hasn’t strayed too far from her roots at all. Lyrically, the song discusses an almost creepy woman who is so in love that she wants to keep her lover forever and not let him go. ‘When I wake I wannabake ya, and hide your clothes. You can stay with me forever, I wanna overdose. I can’t get enough of you, can I keep you in my room?’ she sings, but it’s so sickly sweet it’s easy to forget she could be talking about potentially taking someone hostage. In a time where Scandi-pop is all over the charts, having been brought to the forefront by artists such as Zara Larsson and Sigrid, Favorite Flavor fits in beautifully, its catchy beat and memorable lyrics making it impossible to stop thinking about even after you’ve listened to it.

Your summer playlist this year would be incomplete without Virgin Miri’s newest offering, and with promise of an EP to go alongside the track, she’s definitely an artist to get excited about!

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