Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Words by Jess Fleming


Scousers Caveparty are back with their third single from upcoming debut EP ‘Some Sort of Dark Disco’.

The 3 and a half minute psychedelic ballad ‘Beautiful’ is one that sees this 4 piece band come into their own. It contains a different feel to their previous tunes ‘Sense of B’ and ‘Strange Lullaby’, as this track seems to switch its sound throughout. From the guitar heavy grungy intro with crooning vocals, which could be described as being similar to the likes of YAK or White Room, the guitars soon become brighter and the melody picks up to a clear chorus made up of soaring riffs, almost in a similar way to Coldplay’s Parachutes album.

This shift between dark and light gives the song a distinctive feel, and wondering in what direction the song is traveling in. To top this all off, we are treated to an uncontrollable guitar solo as the song nears its close. This would be sure to make any crowd go crazy when seeing ‘Beautiful’ performed live.

Caveparty are definitely a band worth checking out, both online and live. With their debut EP being released next month, keep an eye out for any live shows as you will sure be in for a treat!

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