ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // courtship. - Guy Stuff

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Words By Tilly Louise


Let's set the mood; you're in the kitchen preparing dinner when all of a sudden you hear a tune that captures your attention. That song is no other than Guy Stuff that has your body moving, while your housemate looks over and potentially rolls their eyes thinking 'not this again, she's always dancing round the house'.

Hailing from glorious Los Angeles, indie pop duo courtship. have just released their new single Guy Stuff. Micah Gordon and Eli Hirsch have dropped a shimmering track that is the definition of all things light, airy and fun!

The song starts off quite simply with piano and vocals, pleasant sounding with a deeper message in the lyrics, in an ever so slightly facetious manner. The vocal has a smooth, yet sweet tone and stands out over the whole mix, the sweeping backing vocals gives the track this spinning sort of texture.

The infectious backing vocals add a disco feel as the bass and drums kick in, giving the song this driving pace. Beaming with lighthearted instrumental that completely fattens out during the ‘tearing it apart’ section. There is no way you won’t be singing along to the ‘ba ba ba ba ba ba’ parts, courtship. hooks are so incredibly catchy and memorable throughout the entire track.

The fast pace piano sequence makes the song feel bouncey and uplifting, although it’s lyrics are slightly humourous about ‘male instincts’. All the instrumentation dropping out during the bridge section and gradually layering up into a final chorus makes the whole song so much bigger, adding a rollercoaster feel. Teasing a massive chorus and then dropping you into a whirlpool of dancey electronic pop twinkling good-ness!

Check out this groovy number below! 👇

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