ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // Darcie - Modern Day Housewife

Words by Eve-Marie Connolly


At times, many of us have inspirational thoughts and feelings when we’re in our bedrooms. They represent the centre of our worlds, where we sleep, dream, think, work and play. However, for British artist Darcie, her bedroom is also where she makes her music. For her, it seems simple, plugging in a few USB cables, inviting friends over, and seeing what she can create. However, despite her young age, Darcie is representing the future of creativity, using modern technology and her voice to create sounds without the help of any outside influence.

The new song Modern Day Housewife was originally created when Darcie was just 16, her new revamped version is said to be out in November time in a much anticipated  EP, showing that as an artist, Darcie is hoping to spread her influence wider and attract more attention from her art.

What can start as experimentation and fun with friends can become something so much bigger, what the NME termed “lilting barbecue pop…with lashings of soul,” featuring her on their 100 Essential Artists of 2018. Darcie is almost an ode to Billie Eilish, another young yet prolific artist, and represents the future of music in what she creates, so much so that we can’t wait for more!

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