ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // girl in red - i'll die anyway

Words by Jess Fleming


20-year-old Norwegian artists Marie Ulven who is mainly known by her stage name ‘girl in red’, is back with yet another melancholic and dreamy number. ‘I’ll die anyway.’ is her latest offering, which is taken from her upcoming ‘Chapter 2EP, that features lyrics heavy with themes of existential crises and not feeling like yourself.

Lines such as I think back to when life was good, I was content show the reminiscent feel to the song, as if Marie is wishing for a simpler time in life such as childhood, conveying further how she describes this to be her most honest song yet.

Matched with a music video featuring a mismatch of personal home video clips of Marie as a young child, the viewer is also given glimpses of her in present day staring at the camera, as if she too is watching these old tapes. It also pulls the song together, cementing the fact that she is trying to think back to the way things used to be.

Many of us often feel this sense of not belonging in our own body, or questioning our existence, and it seems in this case Marie is no different, reaching for a version of herself that is no longer there she resorts to giving up saying ‘it’s fine it’s okay I’ll die anyway’. Much like all of girl in red’s music, these dark lyrics are paired with a dreamy captivating beat, soaring vocals, and an entrancing instrumental. All these components make for an interesting listen!

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