ICYMI TRACK REVIEW // GRAACE – Go Have Fun at Your Party

Words by Ali Lowery


Hot on the heels of her successful debut EP ‘SELF SABOTAGE’, GRAACE returns with an emotional pop-bop Go Have Fun at Your Party. Playing on themes of longing and shortcomings, 21 year-old Australian vocalist GRAACE wraps the lyrics in her silky style.

Echoing the common feeling of confusion, bitterness and longing in a vague relationship - GRAACE calls it a little too close for comfort. Breaking from a mould of formulaic ballad breakup songs this single offers empowerment alongside heartbreak. The bitter sting of ‘you never know what you had until its gone’ comes to mind when listening to this song. It sounds as though GRAACE is experiencing just that with lyrics like “Go have fun at your party // I'll be sitting here sipping on thoughts of your body”.

Easing in with ethereal synth piano vibes the song slips into a soft bass beat, which doesn’t rise too harshly, and introduces small but effective sounds to pique at the chorus. With such an easy soft rolling sound Go Have Fun at Your Party balances melancholy with honesty whilst still retaining its pop crown.

GRAACE has found a formula that works – vibey instrumentation, honesty and comfy vocals all tied up with a pop ribbon. She is one to watch and her profile is on the rise as is her musical talents.

You can stream Go Have Fun at Your Party now!

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